the way we work.

Before you make a decision, we want you to know the way we work. These are systems that will make the process easier for you and will allow us to get inside your place effectively and directly without distractions, as we know that your time is valuable.

Our price is based on the hours we will put on your project, we maintain an hourly rate of $45/hour, to first schedule an appointment with us we will charge a fixed fee of $50 that will include an on-site consultation (60 minutes), where we will discuss details of the project, your organizing needs, and our vision for your space.

start project

Initial visit, this first visit of approximately 30-60 minutes, we will listen to your ideas, collect data on the project, take measurements of the spaces and plan the areas to work on. We will exchange ideas and give you recommendations on how to get the most out of your spaces and at the same time they look the best way possible.

We will provide you with a list of suggested products to better organize your spaces, this is where we do the shopping for you, we’ll take care of getting all the necessary products and once we have them, we will schedule a second visit in which we will start working on your project. Don’t worry, we will keep you posted.

It’s time to start your project! We begin by debugging all the products in poor condition and that you no longer use, followed by that we will perform a deep cleaning of the spaces, we will classify and organize the products into sections and according to their use, once the areas are ready, we will begin to label and make final details and hopefully we will see each other again in our next project together.