The pantry is one of the areas that is most difficult to keep organized. For this project we concentrated on getting rid of expired products, cleaning the entire area, then organizing by section and size according to their use. We love to leave all packaged products in one area, as well as canned products and all products such as grains and flours in plastic containers with their respective labels… it is important for us to leave a spotless and easily accessible space for food, snacks, grains and even the pet food section!


The office is the place where in many cases we spend more time than in our own home. For this project we organize the space in order to create a comfortable environment to the needs of our customer, in this case a psychologist. We work hand in hand to adapt to the type of work that was carried out in this space to have as a result a place where you feel peace, joy and tranquility at time to be there. Colors were a fundamental part of this organization, this gave the final details so that the office was impeccable.

Home Office

In our home office we seek to have a place with free space to work and details that help us keep focused. For this project we place in labeled containers all the office supplies by colors and sections, in addition we organize all the furniture in a more comfortable way by changing the location lamps to have better lighting in the room. Placing details like inspirational pictures and motivational phrases go a long way in making you feel more comfortable in your workspace. Less is more when it comes to the space where you need to feel inspired and focused.


In our garage we always tend to accumulate all the things that we throw away from our house, in addition to the fact that it is the place where the men of the house usually tend to have their tools and machines to carry out different jobs. For this project we focus on all things of low weight and high volume hanging them on the walls to have more free space, and on the shelves we store the tools and craft materials by section in labeled containers. For the tool area we put in small display containers for nails, screws and these types of products that are small and of great quantity. We can definitely say that the result was very remarkable and we loved it!


The laundry is the section of our home where we like to have everything at hand so we don’t spend as much time in it. For this project, the first thing we did was to categorize the cleaning products, placing products such as soap, softener and bleach close to the laundry appliances. Then under the sink products such as disinfectant, floor cleaner, and non-everyday use items. Also, we use labeled baskets in cabinets to place accessories such as sponges, brushes, and rags.